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We take great satisfaction in that HazelGrove, a Pre kindy tutoring Baulkham Hills centre, is owned and operated by our family. Our team is comprised of caring individuals committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment for your child. Our goal is to create a preschool community where all children feel safe and loved, where parents trust us with their kids and feel like they can voice their concerns and get answers, and where everyone wins.

pre kindergarten Baulkham Hills

Pre-Kindergarten Baulkham Hills – The Ideal Place to Learn and Grow

We want our centre to feel like a second home to anyone visiting. We want to create a community where all of its members may embrace the ideals of “becoming,” “having ties,” and “being,” and where young children of varying backgrounds can work together to achieve their full potential. It is fundamental to all of our connections that we work together. Having faith in our ability to provide you with a memorable experience that is both unique and encompassing gives us great pleasure.

HazelGrove creates a setting that is both intellectually engaging and kind, and nurturing to encourage students’ innate curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Provides a well-rounded education that helps kids develop a lifelong passion for learning and a solid sense of identity.

Unique Learning Methodology At Pre Kindy Tutoring Baulkham Hills

Each child at HazelGrove has access to a wide variety of activities suited to their age and developmental level, allowing them to learn at their own pace. Each activity follows the next in a fun and educational progression. Each child is helped by their classroom educator to navigate the curriculum and achieve developmental milestones at their own pace.

Our high-quality, child-centred curriculum encourages kids to investigate, question, and discover through play and organised learning in various outdoor and indoor settings. It guarantees that they will have the finest possible start to school.

Pre Kindy Baulkham Hills

Pre-Kindergarten Baulkham Hills Curriculum

Without squashing their innate curiosity and drive to explore and learn through play, we ease young children into a structured instruction programme in a classroom atmosphere. Give your child a second family full of loving educators and children they can learn from and grow as a person. Your kid will flourish in HazelGrove’s safe space for exploring, making mistakes, and making friends.

Our approach reflects a deep dedication to the idea of developmentally appropriate practice for young children. Our preschool instructors also value and acknowledge each child’s unique gifts, interests, and qualities. To this end, they carefully observe and listen to each student before designing individualised lesson plans. Students are valued for their contributions to the learning process and are encouraged to take part in it.

Here at HazelGrove, we’ve adapted our lessons to reflect what parents often look for in a daycare or preschool setting. Our Pre-Kindergarten Baulkham Hills program covers a wide range of subject areas, including but not limited to:

  • Science and technology
  • The concept of belonging and well-being
  • Physical education
  • Numeracy and early maths concepts
  • Language and literacy
  • Creative arts
  • Sustainability

Preschoolers begin participating in a structured tutoring programme. Classes are spread out throughout the day at optimal times and last for short periods to maximise retention and keep kids’ brains active while they learn via play. Our curriculum includes these Pre Kindy Tutoring Baulkham Hills sessions.

We provide preschoolers with an environment conducive to learning by using their senses, piquing their natural curiosity, and encouraging their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our weekly activities promote children’s social and emotional development by fostering feelings of belonging, resiliency, and overall well-being.

Our Pre Kindy Tutoring Baulkham Hills Team

Our team comprises knowledgeable, caring individuals who share our commitment to delivering excellent service and education. They are dedicated to lifelong learning in the area of early childhood education. They work together often to disseminate new knowledge for the betterment of the children in their care.

Our educators work closely to celebrate each child’s unique learning experience, and we recognise families’ critical role in their children’s early development. Thus, our Pre Kindy Tutoring Baulkham Hills team is dedicated to honest and substantive dialogue with families that is respectful of their values and perspectives.

With a wealth of expertise between them, the educators on our team can give excellent care and instruction. They maintain a consistent routine for each kid so that they can anticipate the children’s needs and track their progress regularly. At HazelGrove, every child is unique, and every interaction matters. We are committed to ensuring that our students get the best of play and education in a safe and nurturing setting. Learning and fun don’t get better than this.

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