HazelGrove Childcare Centre Baulkham Hills

Everything we do at HazelGrove childcare Baulkham Hills is geared towards ensuring your child has a fantastic time full of adventures and learning valuable skills. It takes a lot of practice, genuineness, and a state-of-the-art facility to provide a secure and caring environment for today’s kids. Our goal is to give kids access to the latest technology to get the best and most relevant knowledge while keeping them in contact with nature and teaching them the value of human relationships.

Quality care and education are our top priorities at HazelGrove, and our teachers are dedicated professionals who take pride in what they do. We encourage the development of each student’s unique early childhood journey since we know each kid is on a different path. We give kids a place to study where they are protected by adults who are as, if not more competent than, guardians.

Each child receives the individual attention and care they need for healthy development in language acquisition, physical and mental well-being, fun and recreation. After all, being physically active and having a good time are both conducive to learning.

The Hazelgrove Day Care Curriculum

The EYLF was created with the idea that young children learn best by exploration and experimentation. Our early childhood educators employ this framework to design and implement lessons and activities that cater to each child's unique ideas, likes, strengths, and development needs.
We offer different curricula for different age groups:

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0 - 2 year olds - Encouraging Learning Via Play

Helping young minds develop by allowing them to explore in a secure daycare Baulkham Hills setting.

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2 – 3 year olds - Play-Based Learning

Giving kids a chance to explore their interests on their terms while also fostering teamwork, creativity, and confidence.

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3 – 6 year olds- Combined Academic Tuitions & Play-Based Learning

We introduce young children gradually to a structured tutoring programme in a school-like setting without stifling their natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn through play.

Our Childcare Centre Information

  • Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 7am – 6pm
  • Number of children: 90
  • Weeks in Operation: 51 weeks
  • School Readiness Program: Yes
  • In-House Cook: Yes
  • Meals Provided: Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late Afternoon Tea
Daycare Baulkham Hills
Day care Baulkham Hills

We offer so much
to learn and explore!

Our proven curriculum is supplemented by caring, experienced teachers who ignite a passion in children to become lifelong learners by implementing a directive academic tutoring program in a school like environment while encouraging learning through play.

A Holistic Approach To Learning And Growth

Our whole childcare Baulkham Hills programme is flexible enough to meet the requirements of each student, whether they require additional time or a higher level of attention. To ensure every child succeeds in every area of life, our teachers will guide them patiently until they can do it independently.

Developing children’s self-assurance so that they can excel in school. Everything we do is geared toward going above and beyond in meeting your kid’s educational, nutritional, and social requirements and providing a level of care reminiscent of a “home away from home.” We are a family-run business and measure our performance by how well we do with the next generation.

HazelGrove is the Baulkham Hills Day Care that offers children the finest opportunities for growth and development. With this as our primary objective and our tried-and-true curriculum as a supporting pillar, we can guarantee that your children will leave our programme with a sense of accomplishment, a wealth of new information, and lifelong connections.

A Day In The Life Of Our Little Ones.

At HazelGrove, we offer little ones opportunity to explore our award winning, thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor spaces, which have been designed to offer a journey of discovery to children of each individual age.

Why We Are The Best Child Care in Baulkham Hills

  • We provide your child with a warm, welcoming, and supportive setting that will help them succeed in all aspects of life.
  • We believe in the best way to learn everything, from how to make friends to what we’re taught in school, is through experience.
  • We hold the firm conviction that all children have the potential to learn and succeed
  • We give the right learning environment and a place that’s both comfortable and inspirational.
  • We work with families and parents to ensure that each child’s requirements, interests, and abilities are considered in the design and maintenance of our facilities, which range from Nursery through Pre-Kindergarten.
  • At HazelGrove, we’ve worked hard to create a place where your kid can learn and grow in a safe, comfortable setting that feels like home.

We Help Children Become Invested in Their Learning

Instilling an insatiable thirst for knowledge in a young child should be a parent’s or guardian’s priority. Asking questions about things we encounter daily is one of the most effective ways to learn and retain new information in early childhood.

Every child at our pre-school is encouraged to ask questions, take risks, and learn independently.

At our family-run Child Care Centre, we believe every child should be treated as an empowered learner, and our approach to early childhood learning reflects this belief. When kids get to choose among fun activities in a stimulating setting, they become more invested in learning.

With the help of our warm, loving, highly-trained and experienced educators, we can instil in young children a love of learning and help them grow into successful adults.

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Provide your child with a warm and welcoming second family where they can grow and develop as a person via interaction with caring adults and other children. Your child will feel comfortable trying new things, making mistakes, and learning from others in HazelGrove’s nurturing day care Baulkham Hills environment.

The perfect space for your little ones to grow. Let Your child experience the HazelGrove difference!