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HazelGrove is the preferred early education centre in Baulkham Hills because its teachers and staff are committed to the idea that every child has innate abilities that, with the right encouragement and environment, may lead to a successful and fulfilling life. A happy, secure space can profoundly affect a kid, giving them the confidence to make their own decisions as they grow up.

We understand that kids are capable people that we should get to know and value for who they are. We can learn more about each child’s unique features and interests by working with the parents, relating to the children, and seeing their activities and interactions.

We use this information to create spaces where kids can safely experiment with new ideas and concepts and then communicate those ideas in any of a hundred different “languages” for kids such as:-

  • Art
  • Sculpture
  • Play
  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Music

Hazelgrove provides individualised learning for each child by utilising a variety of methods to ensure that they receive the best education possible. Our guiding principles drive every decision we make.

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Caring Early Education Centre Baulkham Hills

Care for children by providing them with safe settings to learn and grow in the company of caring adults who share their enthusiasm for teaching. Motivate by adapting proven teaching strategies to each student’s unique needs, interests, and learning style. A true spirit for learning is sparked in a warm and caring setting by fostering exploration, innovation, and originality in all forms of play and exploration.

As the owners and management of our early education centre in Baulkham Hills, we know what it takes to manage a business. We have first-hand experience as parents, so we understand what it takes to pull it off successfully. Choosing a child-care or preschool is an enormous responsibility, fraught with hope, emotion, and sometimes even tension.

It is also important to us to provide a setting that helps kids get ready for school and life. Part of our concept is working together and talking to one another. We hope you’ll consider HazelGrove your second home and our team as your extended family.

Our Core Values at the Baulkham Hills Children’s Centre

For children to develop self-esteem and competence, they must believe they have some control over their environment and their education. We help by tailoring daily and weekly schedules, activities, and projects to the children’s internal clocks rather than external ones. We offer carefully curated spaces where kids can have a hand in shaping and maintaining their surroundings.

Our early learning centre Baulkham Hills is a significant, deciding location where everyone engaged may feel safe being authentically themselves in the company of others.

We believe that children are not empty containers to be filled, nor are they idle time-wasters who need to be entertained; instead, they are curious, competent, and resilient explorers of their worlds.

Children have the aptitude, skill, and drive to ingest information; all they need is the opportunity to do so. While we play the role of nurturer and caretaker by creating a secure setting for this investigation, we also work together as co-researchers and contributors.

The Baulkham Hills Early Learning Centre: Our Spaces

The vast, contemporary structure, lobby, and reception area of our centre are made more homely and welcoming by the incorporation of natural materials. The playrooms are bright and airy, with subdued colours that promote relaxation. Beautiful walls infuse a room with a natural feel and provide a warm, blank backdrop for the tasteful display of artwork, murals, pictures, and more.

The older kids like a protected outdoor area where they can play and create, thanks to the inclusion of safe, grassy spaces and a sand pit. These areas were made with kids in mind, allowing them to run about and explore while also picking up some valuable lessons.

We have natural components, handcrafted wooden equipment built from recycled materials, quiet spots to sit and contemplate, areas that inspire active play, musical elements, and water play elements in the outdoor spaces planned for each age group. Your child can realise their true potential at our centre.

Engaging, Exciting Environment

Because no two kids are the same, their educational opportunities must also be different. This individualised, tailored approach to blended learning allows us to cater to each student based on their specific needs, interests, and preferred modes of communication and learning.

Our atmosphere is set up to encourage them to ask questions, explore, and discover, to foster critical thinking and self-reliance in young children. Indoor and outdoor spaces, creative arts, building materials, and pretend play sets are on the tables. We also learn valuable skills, including making food and growing a garden. Preschool children can learn all the basics with a little bit of effort: language, reading, writing, and culture, plus math. Every aspect of our environment and curriculum is designed to foster the development of social and emotional competencies and gross and fine motor skills.

Get In Touch

For more information about our unique and transformational early education centre Baulkham Hills, call us at 02 9639 1439 or send your enquiry through this form.